Imagine chewing down on some delicious thai wings, surrounded by super attractive 20 year olds and then all of a sudden, like straight out of a musical, you all start singing the chorus of Drake’s Know Yourself  “Running Thru The 6ix wit my woes”.

Believe it or not, this was true story. That’s the type of atmosphere that is felt at one of Bushwick’s most famous eatery spots, Little Mo’s.  The cousin to the beloved Little Skips , has found the right taste buds synced with the right frequencies to enjoy your chew.

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I have never been to a place where the food complements the music playlist so well. Almost every bite parallels with the beats per minute. Little Mo’s Asian fusion influence makes it very unique in these parts of Brooklyn. The menu is structured with incredible line up consisting of Char-Sui Chicken Rice Bowl, Mo Belly Bao, Bulgogi Cheesesteak, and my personal favorite Bell & Evans Organic Fried Chicken Wings, that comes in two different type of flavors. Injected with amazing sandwiches, soups and wings, I have yet found a better place to stroke my tongue with pleasure as much as this restaurant.

Little Mo’s has established itself into one of the best spots to have a quick eat while sharing a great conversation about music. With people that seem to come from a magazine spread, it isn’t bad to stop by to meet your future ex as well. The food creates a sense of camaraderie that makes the place really special.

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Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by and experience the level of bliss I feel every time I walk in.   Little Mo’s is the joint.