Sometimes Netflix & Chill just ain’t enough. You can only do it for so long until your girl begins to get restless. At some point she will start saying things like “Why don’t we go out to eat anymore?” “There’s nothing to watch..”, or “Babe, didn’t we watch this already?” No, the answer is always no, even if we did, who cares and let’s watch it again. The fact is Netflix & Chill is the express lane to the term “Dinner & A Movie” without the fancy dinner part. It was invented by some broke ass n***a who had no money to take a girl out so he came up with this bright idea to steal his ex girl’s Netflix account and turn his apartment into a poor ass multi-complex to hopefully get his nut off. It’s a money saving tactic that has been saving poor couples across America for years now. But as I stated before, that sh*t gets old.

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That is why I recommend stopping by Syndicated. Similar to Nighthawk, Syndicated is a brand new theater-kitchen-bar with a 50 seat theater and large central bar and sit down booth/table area. You will never have to leave your seat while you watch a film comfortably from your seats, as you will be waited on throughout whole duration of the movie. Appetizers, full meals, snacks and desert will all be offered to you on a piece of paper featuring the menu where you have to fill out a form of what you want to eat or drink. The waiter later serves you your order quietly, not disturbing you or anyone else in the theater, as everyone enjoys the movie.

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I was lucky enough to take out this girl I was crushing on a first date there and we enjoyed ourselves pretty well. The menu consisted of fried corned beef short rib, popcorn-fried oysters, tater tots topped with pulled pork, and duck confit nachos. To be honest the whole menu is filled with many delicious treats that you kinda need to try them all in order to pick a favorite.

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Just recently Syndicated started to whip out their brunch menu for those early risers with a hang over on the weekends. Consisting of runny fried egg and aged cheddar served on a toasted pretzel croissant, hash & eggs, and a tasty Bloody Mary. These were just a sample of their dishes I had the pleasure to put my tongue on.  It is the perfect morning after decision to make after that poor decisions you made the night before.

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With a movie playing in the background, it happens to be the perfect ice breaker for a first date. I for one am a strong believer to judge people by what type of movie they’ve seen. Idiotic I know, but for some reason it is a great way to understand the make up of a person, especially if you want to start some sort of relationship that person.  Syndicated turned out to be a comfortable place to share thoughts, opinions,  feelings and so on.

Sprinkle a good meal in the middle, its the perfect date spot. Guys, every once and a while, a lady like to be treated like a lady. This is your best option. Especially if you want the guaranteed buns. With that being said, to all the single ladies out there in NYC:

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Brunch & Movie anyone??

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