I was that weirdo in high school that no one was fuckin’ with. And if they were, they were part of this undisclosed group of fucking wierdos. If you are a fuckin’ weirdo, then lets get fuckin’ weird with currently my favorite unconventional boy band Brockhampton.

Brockhampton remains to be one of the most unusual, fascinating and compelling group of boys I have ever musically encountered in 2015.  Each member of this so called “All American Boy Band” has something strangely to contribute artistically. When you listen to each member’s solo projects, you can see how individually they are alarmingly satisfying.  Although they are all sonically pleasing, it is when they come together for a streak of colorful collaborative tracks that their personalities shine bright that somehow cohesively works with one another. Brockhampton brings something that embodies our young culture ; ‘ACCEPTANCE’.

Sprinkled with  ‘NOT GIVING A FUCK’ on top. This group molds itself into a musically provocative genre that may be ahead of its time.  It was showcased earlier this year when they entered and won a VFILES talent competition. This caught the eyes and ears of the cool higher ups in the music industry that thrives on being different and independent over at Fool’s Gold, which lead to the making of a fantastic song where it’s hard to pinpoint your favorite verse in   “Dirt”  but somehow come out clean in this attached video,

Unaccompanied by one another, each one have tremendous potential of becoming great solo artists. All you have to do is listen to their solo tracks, prime example would be by the song’s leadoff hitter Kevin Abstract. But again, with songs like “BET I” or “HERO”, it is evident that combined they can save us from hip hop hypnotism and rock and roll coma. Musically blending all types of sounds along with their vocals and lyricism, there is no reason not to believe this is only the beginning of their musical invasion. Never since the Avengers has a group been assembled so good. They have quietly crept into our lives and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon.  They tell it like it is and aren’t afraid of saying and showing you who they are. With an average age of 17 years old,  watching them do what they do has me wanting to go back to high school and do it all over again, but this time finding the courage to being a dick and crushing those souls of those evil people that gave you hell. You know the ones, the ones that had you wrong or worse, did you wrong.

From this video, they may come off as self absorbed, egotistic, narcissistic kids, but hidden underneath all that, there is a hint of sadness, hurt, neglect, loneliness. Pretty much everything a normal kid in high school would feel at some point. But despite all of that, you find something positive and truthful in their music. It what makes their music honest. It’s what I wished I had when I was younger.

Credit to VFILES and Fool’s Gold,  for consistently understanding the youth and knowing the amount of dosage to give to the people that are musically impaired. They have recognized that this group of kids that make up Brockhampton each have something to give. Their personality naturally rubs off on you. They are simply unapologetic for who they are and that is what makes them so special.