The story begins with TLC (from a previous story) telling me that our new friend NoMBe was on tour and was going to be in town for a show in late November. I immediately blocked the date and made moves to meet up with him. After his incredible performance at the Rockwood Music Hall, we met privately to chop it up, updating each other on our current moves. We were both pleased to know that we both were up to big things. After his song “Kemosabe” debuted on Jaden Smith’s MSFTS radio on Apple Beats 1 Radio a few weeks earlier, he told me about his plans on coming back to New York after his east coast tour to shoot a video for it. Obviously it was something I wanted to play a part in. I linked up with his friend and visual collaborator Matt Bongo and his manager and expressed my interest in helping out. He let me know the date/time of when the shoot was going to take place I patiently waited for my assignment.



Knowing NoMBe for over a year now, I know he had great expectations for the video. Having previously released two great visual art pieces with Matt Bongo, Kemosabe was their biggest project yet. A lot was riding on this shoot to be successful on a rainy and frigid night. I had previously scheduled a video shoot for another talented artist that I was directing earlier that day so my services were limited by the time I arrived on set. Understanding my situation, NoMBe and Bongo simply told me to arrive with a camera and equipment and shoot some BTS. Something that I don’t usually do at all due to my job status in the industry and level of standards. The job assignment was below me but it didn’t matter to me cause I was helping out a friend who I believed in and wanted to see succeed. Anything I could do to help, I was for it. Tossing my ego aside, I wrapped up my shoot and headed over to Lower East Side to meet up with the team to shoot some BTS.

IMG_1417 IMG_1393

I arrived on set with camera in hand, met the incredible team that was working on the video. Making small talk with everyone, including the Grip; a socially awkward guy at first but later turning out to be a cool dude when you talk about documentaries to him, the young actors/actresses; Amy Harlib, Julian Jones, Alex “Ally Bo” Karabel, Esteban Scott, Rachel Stewart, the old lady;  and the star of the video, Vincent Leong, Limo Driver, with calm demeanor, he was so happy and humble to be apart of this wonderful project.  Everyone was chill and provided a positive vibe.

IMG_1416 IMG_1408 IMG_1406 IMG_1402 IMG_1401 IMG_1398 IMG_1396 IMG_1394

I hit up TLC to meet up and she sped ate her dinner and raced over to Bongo’s apt where we were all staying. NoMBe, TLC and I all got together again and shared a dope conversation about music and life. Shooting the BTS of Kemosabe video was a chill and mellow gig. I’m glad I had done it and excited of the end product that I also helped produce in the end. After seeing all the pictures above, without further adieu, here is the video “KEMOSABE” 



scroll down on youtube to see Jack Empire’s name in the credits. #CTRL2016